Assessment Request for Form Structure 1 Skill Test

Hi. Any assessment would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a good day! :man_dancing:

Form Structure 1

@harryghgim As far as the task is concerned, I think itโ€™s perfect! :slight_smile: I am not sure though if itโ€™s advisable to put a section and h1 inside a form.

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Agreed, @gojanpaolo, @harryghgim 's work here is really good.

I did notice one small typo โ€” lable should be label.

There is nothing wrong with putting the <section>/<h1> structure inside the form, per se. Saying that, I usually put the page sectioning structures outside the form in such cases, as it is often easier to style a page when the macro structure (i.e. the high-level page sections) is separated from the micro structure (i.e. each individual component).


Thank you guys for your assessment and advice! :smiley_cat: