Assessment request for Images and Forms Skill Test 1

Hi. Any Assessment appreciated. Thank you and have a good day! :grin:

Images and Forms One
Images and Forms Two

Hi @harryghgim! These answers look pretty much perfect; well done!

You might want to check out our official answer for the second one — — it is a little bit more compact, although yours does the job well too.

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Hello all: I have a question, i was trying doing just this:

img {
object-fit: cover;

But it does not work, now I see that the height and width need to be specified with 100% each. Why? Would not be enough indicating the object-fit?

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@bucirado this is a great question. I was thinking the same thing but couldnt find an answer at the time. I gave up and should have asked as you did. I now realise that it is probably to do with the way the HTML is constructed. The HTML for test 1 has the following

    <div class="box">
      <img src="" alt="balloons">

In this case the box class is the parent of the image. I think by setting the width and height the to 100% it inherits these from the box class. I found clearer examples of this demonstrated on the W3 schools site for Object fit. I hope someone else might be able to clarify this.