Assessment request-Marking up a letter

Hi @manish_ghimire and welcome to the community :wave:

Great work on your first big exercise. :medal_sports:

Here are some remarks:

  • <address> is used for more than just the street and town. For example the name and contact details. You should replace <header> with <address>. The only thing that doesn’t belong to the address is <time>. <time> should get it’s own <p> with the sender-column class.
  • For the source of the quote on the last line we should use the <cite> element instead of <em>.
  • Everything else is correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

Hello @mikoMK Thank you for your review I revised the techniques and completed the letter once again from the scratch.
Here’s the final letter.

once again, thank you for your help…

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Great improvements, @manish_ghimire

Now everything looks fine :+1:

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