Assessment Request : Structuring A Page of Content

Hello guys, need your advises of how i did with this task. Just finished it with some new changes i’ve did there.

  1. I added class to because, from the whole experience till now, i can easily style them later in CSS as i like. Am i right with this?
    Structuring page didnt had that task, i did it from my own experience till now, as i m trying to think wider.

So this is my code, take a look of it, waiting to read your comments, thanks all.

Hi @Apanha

Thanks for putting the exercise on CodePen :+1: For future tasks it would also be helpful to copy the styles to the CSS panel of CodePen.

Congratulations! All HTML Elements are correctly set. :medal_sports:

Absolutely! That’s a great idea when you already have the experience. You are always allowed to do more things in the exercises. We are happy to look at them, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

Great, thank’s for the advise Michael.
Next time ill try to add the CSS code also, so u can check the whole code.

Have a nice day u too! :wink:

But isn’t it extra in this case? Because the CSS file was already prepared and all we need is to link it to index.html with properly put tags within?

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Our purpose here as i noticed, was only to put the right tags in HTML document, so the CSS file wich was already done by Mozilla, helped to put them to the right place.
I saw a lot of tags in CSS wich i didnt used, like for example “section”, but althought CSS had that tag. Anyway . . .
As the Mozzilla said, our task was to fill the right tags in the right places, that’s all we had to do )


Hi @iamthegreatest and welcome to the community :wave:

If you’re local it’s enough to just link to the CSS file but when using CodePen to show use the solution for an assessment the CSS file is obviously missing. By putting the CSS from the file into CodePen’s CSS panel we can see the complete finished example. This makes it much easier to get a first impression if everything looks correct.

I hope that makes it a bit clearer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exactly. Just a helper to check if the tags are placed correctly.

The reason for the additional tags is that one could make an argument for using <section> instead of <article>. With the additional tags the result still looks correct.

Got it , thanks Michael :slightly_smiling_face:

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For more involved examples like this(especially with the images) might be slightly better option. Here is a starter template you can use:

Staff Community Manager - MDN Web Docs

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