Assessment wanted | Advanced Form Styling 3

Hi there,

Hope you’re well :call_me_hand:

Kindly asking for an assessment of my markup. Please find pen here.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Hey Phil!

I like the styling! It’s simple, but it makes me want to use it honestly! The color choices go well together too, great picks. If I may leave some feedback, the red “X” may be too robust, and possibly an asterisk would not only send the message of importance but also contribute to the design :slight_smile:


 input:invalid + span::before {
content: "✖";
 color: red;


 input:invalid + span::before {
 content: "*";
 color: red;

Hi @wateryK3tchup and @Phil_G

I also like the design :heart_eyes:
Personally, I think the cross is a good choice, but maybe choose the thinner variation ( / “Multiplication X” / ✕) to match the stroke width of the check mark.

A nice day to both of you,

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Thanks both @mikoMK and @wateryK3tchup! I’ll give both a go.
One thing for sure is the original “X” is definitely thicker than the :heavy_check_mark: so good reminder to pay more attention to that so that the design is consistent.