Assessment wanted: conditionals

Hi everyone, I will really appreciate your feedback on this piece.
here’s my solution:
conditionals -2
conditionals - 3

here’s the original code:

Hello @Hussein_AbdulQohar

this is perfect well done
i am really big fan of how you used the Ternary statement was awesome

have a nice day

Hey man that’s pretty cool.
Maybe you know already but you can use ternary in affectation.
response = machineActive ? (score <= 19) ? "Terrible score.." : /etc.../ : "Turn on machine";

Thanks a bunch. I read a post about abstraction and I have since been trying to reduce my lines of codes to be as efficient as possible.

Thanks, this looks really cool. I will really appreciate if you could send me a link to a post on this.

that’s awesome too @Ulys

thanks for sharing it

have a nice day

nice @Hussein_AbdulQohar

well done and have a nice day

Hi @justsomeone and @Hussein_AbdulQohar

Good stuff guys,

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