"Assessment wanted for Advanced form styling 1, 2 and 3 skill test"

Advanced form styling 1 skill test : https://codepen.io/strofa/pen/abaRedr

Advanced form styling 2 skill test: https://codepen.io/strofa/pen/dyqgxMo

Advanced form styling 3 skill test: https://codepen.io/strofa/pen/XWPxvGW

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Nice work! :tada:

Here are some comments:

  • Task 1: :warning: Mostly correct. When using prefixed and unprefixed versions of a property (e. g. -webkit-appearance: none; and appearance: none;), the unprefixed version should always come last. Reason: When browsers implement the unprefixed version, it will overwrite the old unprefixed one.
    Instead of an <img> tag you could also use a background image on the <div>. background: url(search-24px.png) no-repeat center; (with some size adjustments).
  • Task 2: :white_check_mark: Correct.
  • Task 3: :white_check_mark: Correct.

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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