Assessment wanted for Conditionals tasks

Hello! Need assessment for Conditionals skill tests.

Task 1. I upgraded code a little bit by adding label and input form for getting value of season.
Task 2.
Task 3. Upgraded it too for fun. It was intresting.
Task 4.

I will be glad to receive feedback. Happy New Year :partying_face:

Hi @VladimirK

I’ve reviewed your code and it looks amazing! Very well done, and your improvements on the second version of the third task made it more awesome :+1:

The only thing I’d comment is on the first version of the third task, where you forgot to add a break statement to the score < 20 case, but it’s fixed on the improved version, so just a minor detail.

You’re doing a great job!



Thank you @dsthode! Task 3 is fixed.

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