Assessment wanted for Creating fancy letterheaded paper (Nebojsa Vidovic)


I would like assessment of my work for the Creating fancy letterheaded paper assignment.
My code can be found at the JSFiddle link below and I have added the link to the assignment page as well.

Thanks in advance.

Nebojsa Vidovic

Nice work, @nebojsavidovic01!

All the rules are looking good. :+1:
In the project brief under “The logo” it says:

Now comment out the filter and implement the drop shadow in a different (slightly more cross-browser compatible) way, which still follows the shape of the round image.

Do you have an idea which CSS property could be used for that?


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Hello, @mikoMK!

Thank You for checking my code again!

I missed that part in the assignment, I was able to set a round drop shadow, by setting a border-radius for the h1 element and then using a box-shadow property to add the drop shadow.

Here is the updated jsfiddle link.


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That’s right! :+1:
Well done.