"Assessment wanted for Creating fancy letterheaded paper

page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/CSS/Building_blocks/Creating_fancy_letterheaded_paper#project_brief

Thank you

Hi @Sarai_Atoche_Pascual

Everything is correct and your code has a good style due to the use of the background short hand. Well done!

See you,

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Linear gradient i did so:

url("top-image.png") top no-repeat, 
url("bottom-image.png") bottom no-repeat,
linear-gradient(to bottom, grey 0%, white 18%, white 83%, grey 100%);

Hi @lomocuzi and welcome to the community :wave:

Your version is also fine. :+1:
When the color are lacking percentage values (like in @Sarai_Atoche_Pascual version) they are spaced equally.

Hello @mikoMK, thank you for your contributions, Iā€™m practing

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