Assessment Wanted for Events 3 in DOM

Hi guys, just wanted an assessment for the test your skill page [link]( and here is a link to my solution

Hi @Olixpin and welcome back :wave:

Great work on this task. :+1:
You don’t need the if statement. It’s always true. What you are basically doing is:

  • Assigning the attribute to the color variable
  • Checking if the attribute was assigned to the color variable

You could just always call the line within.

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Since DOM understand color in text, which means, it will work when you do this in css file.
backgroundColor: ‘red’

my solution is
const changeBackgroundColor = (event) => {
const color =; = color;

and apply this to the button click event.

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Hi @yumikohey and welcome to the community :wave:

You’re absolutely right. In this specific situation using textContent would also work.

In general, using a data attribute feels a bit more independent to me. Think about using this in a bigger project and some times later you decide to change the text without remembering that it’s also used for JS. Having the info separately in a data attribute helps reminding you of this fact.

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