Assessment wanted for Form validation 1 skill test exercise

I completed this task:

Here are my codes:
Task 1:
292357/pen/mdVNZJW (I couldn’t set maxlegth to type=“number”)
Task 2:
Task 3:

Hi there @bb8!

These answers are looking pretty good! Let’s go through them and give you a few comments.

For task 1, you need to use max to set a maximum lengthfor numeric fields.

For task 2, you’ve got these regexes nearly right, except that the email address field should accept numbers in the name part of the email (i.e. the bit before the @) as well as letters.

Task 3 basically works, although you are not really making use of the constraint validation API. Have a look at our version:

Great work here though; well done!

@chrisdavidmills thanks for reviewing.

For task 1, when I use the below code, I cannot enter e.g. 20:

<input type="number" name="phone" id="phone" max="15" required>

Later I looked at your version, and it uses type="tel" instead of type="number", and maxlength works with tel. Fixed in my code too.

Fixed task 2.

I have printed version of web pages, so I guess I learned with old version.
So for task 3, I didn’t use the methods used in tutorial, sorry.
Thanks for info, updated task 3 too.