Assessment wanted for Form Validation 2

Hello. I’d like an assessment of Form Validation task 2. My task 1 code is similar; I decided not to ask for an assessment of it since this builds on it.

Here’s a link to my code:
And here’s a link to the assessment page:

At first, I thought tasks 1 and 2 would be simple, though not exactly easy. But I wanted to try keeping a running count of character length remaining in the comment box. Then I ran into the strange problem of the character count resetting to 188 instead of 200 after a successful form submission. I did a lot of head-scratching trying to figure out how to fix that. Then it just ballooned from there, as I thought of more things to try, and ran into more problems to solve. This turned into a very interesting exercise, indeed!

In addition, I can think of ways to make it more user-friendly and screen-reader-friendly. For instance, for each input, including a paragraph explaining the expected input format, then tying it to the input element with an aria-describedby attribute. I got that idea from But I’d rather not spend too much more time on this. There are a lot more modules left to go through.