Assessment wanted for functions 1 skill

Hello everyone!

I need assessment with this exercise. I tried doing it with a loop.

My code:

MDN Exercise:

Thank you in advance c:

Hello @valequirozga

hope that everything going fine with you

you doing great just little things

  1. there is miss type issue on the loop for (let i = 0; i < names.lenght; i++) it’s length not lenght
  2. the variable name is not accessible outside the loop body cause it’s scope make that
  3. console.log does not return any object it just print a message to the web console. so the name value will be unidentified
  4. using the for loop the will make the p element get all the value but always end at the last item in the array because the speed of the device those days you would not notice the change you will see the final result

hope that help and have nice day :slight_smile: