Assessment wanted for Fundamental CSS comprehension test

Hi, I have completed the CSS comprehension and would like to get it assessed. I had to improvise the color: white and padding to get it to look like the example. Not sure where I went wrong.

link for test;

link to HTML and CSS;


Hi @nickmaskell

I think that’s the same code I looked at in the other post where you had a question, right?


Hi Michael, this one is for the card test the other was for the box test. Would be good to know if there are any errors as I had to add color and padding at the end to get it to look like the example.

From the other post (Help on Fundamental CSS comprehension test :solved):

I also had a look at the rest of your code and the only thing I would change is using unitless line-height s. For an explanation why this is recommended see:

Regarding the padding and color, it was intended by the task description that you write your own code. For example here:

As a last little touch, give the paragraph inside the <article> an appropriate padding value so that its left edge lines up with the <h2> and footer paragraph, and set its color to be fairly light so it is easy to read.

So you did this correctly :+1: