Assessment wanted for -> Grid Skill Test

Heres’ the assessment, my code and a live example.

Any advice is always welcome. :smiley:

Hi @salvadorperezm

Greart job as usual :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are some comments:

  • Task 1: Correct :white_check_mark:
  • Task 2: grid-row of item2 should be 2 / 4. Your value adds another gap at the end because of a newly added empty row.
  • Task 2 - additional question: Have you thought about an appropriate property?
  • Task 3: Since you only have two columns you won’t need the third column in grid-template-areas. It doesn’t matter that the second column is 2fr wide.
  • Task 4: Correct :white_check_mark:

Well done!


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Thank you @mikoMK! I’ve already updated my code! :smiley:

For the aditional question on Task 2, I used the property order: 1; from the Flexbox Lesson.

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Congrats! Both changes are correct and you perfectly solved the additional question :smiley:

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