Assessment wanted for HTML Text 1 Basic

Hello there,

I would love it if someone can review my first code. Without doing a lot extra, just mixed almost everything I learnt so far. Please find the output and code below :slight_smile:

Live site:


Thanks in advace. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Hitarth_Chaudhari and welcome to the community :wave:

Congratulations! Well done! :tada:
Nice idea with mixing everything together. But the colors hurt my eyes :grin: :sunglasses:

Two small things:

  • You made a typo in the end tag of the ordered list (</op> instead if </ol>)
  • When nesting lists the inner list needs to be inside a <li> tag to be valid HTML. You don’t see a difference in the live code, because browsers are very good in correcting our happy little accidents. This would be valid HTML:
  <li>first item</li>
  <li>second item  <!-- closing </li> tag not here! -->
      <li>second item first subitem</li>
      <li>second item second subitem</li>
      <li>second item third subitem</li>
  </li>            <!-- Here's the closing </li> tag -->
  <li>third item</li>

I hope that helps. Feel free to come back with more task or any questions you have :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy coding!

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Thank you for assessing the test Michael :pray:

I’ll try to improve my color selection, that don’t hurt your eyes again :sweat_smile:

Also noted your suggestions and will improve in my upcoming tests.

Thanks again!