Assessment wanted for Links Skill Test (1, 2, 3)

Hello kind person!

Thank you for taking the time to check my work. I have compiled the Link Tests in a collection located at my Codepen (the instructions of the task are also included):

However, if it is a hassle for you to click on the individual pen works, I got your back!
Here are the direct links to the skill tests.
Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

If you are interested, please follow my journey as I progress! Once again, thank you for taking your time, and have a good day!


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Hi @urboiEno and welcome to the community :wave:

Nice idea with the codepen collection! Although you included the tasks in the codepens, it would also be helpful to include the link to the MDN page in your next post.

  • Link 1: You put an “&” between the email address and the subject. The first character after the email address has to be “?”. If there are more parts like cc= or bcc=, those would be attached with “&”. Also it is best to escape spaces as “%20”.
  • Link 2: Everything correct :tada:
  • Link 3: Correct! Small improvement: You could mention the file type and size in the link text Download Factfile (PDF, 4MB).

Overall, You have done a very good job! Congratulations :medal_sports:

I hope my feedback will help you on your further journey. If you have any more questions or assessments feel free to ask.

Have a nice day!

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Hey @mikoMK (Michael)!

Thank you for taking your time and I very much appreciate your detailed feedback!
Will definitely be incorporating the things you mentioned into my future posts!

A nice example for Link 1! It is easy to understand and I can clearly see where my mistake was.

For Link 3, I did not even think about that. I need to think more outside the box.

Thank you so much, Micheal! It’s a great help and I will definitely come back with more. Hopefully, you can help guide me once again.

I hope you will have a nice day!

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Thank you very much for your kind words :blush:
I’m happy I could help you.

That’s exactly the feeling I’m having all the time when looking at code that someone else wrote. :slight_smile: Doing this is very valuable and broadens one’s mind.

Good luck on your further assessments :four_leaf_clover: