Assessment wanted for Marking up a lette



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Nice work @Sarai_Atoche_Pascual

Here are some comments. Consider anything not mentioned as perfectly solved. :grin:

  • No need for the <p> inside <address>.
  • The first date isn’t part of the address and should be in it’s own <p> with the sender-column class to correctly align it.
  • No need for the last <br> in <address>. The <address> is a block element that automatically breaks the line.
  • No need for the <br>s inside the description list (<dl>).
  • The <address> around the salutation isn’t necessary.
  • Instead of a <blockquote> around the whole line the better choice would be to use an inline quote (<q>) on the quote itself (Where you used the <cite>). The <cite> should then be around the source of the quote (The memoirs of Bill S Preston, Esq). You will see that <q> will automatically add typographical quotes. So you can remove the double quotes in the HTML.

I hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thank you Miguel for the help

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