Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter(12.4)

Hi everyone,I just completed the “Marking up a letter”.

please give me an assessment or any marking guide、feedback.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @RyanCheng and welcome to the community :wave:

Amazing work on this big task. :medal_sports:

I have only two small remarks:

  • You used a <dl> around each <dt>/<dd> pair. There should only be one description list (<dl>) with multiple <dt>/<dd> pairs.
  • The <q> should only be around the quote itself (not including the <cite>). When you have a close look at the quote, you see it having two sets of quotation characters. That’s because the <q> automatically adds typographical quotation marks around it. You can therefore remove the two " in your code.

I hope that helps,

Thanks a lot ,it really help me! :)

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