Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter for Ronald July 10, 2021


I wanted to know if everything is as expected in the Marking Up a Letter Assessment.
Assessment Link: Here
Code: Link

Thanks in Advance!

Hello @ronpaek100

you doing great just some note here

  1. the task does not ask you to change the css file as you did for example the address tag should be with class sender-column not text-align-right
  2. do not use class to apply bold style use one of the appropriate tag for that
  3. the telephone and email should not be li item
  4. PhD and all other abbreviation should be using the abbr tag not using the css to style it to look as abbr tag
  5. BC and Esq are abbr also which you missed
  6. html tag has semantic (meaning ) not just style which help in other aspect like the reader if the user has sight issue

hope i did not miss anything else and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thank you! should have read the directions more clearly about not modifying any css :slight_smile:

you very welcome :slight_smile: