Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter (I think I nailed it!)

Hey guys! I’m having lots of fun learning HTML so far!
I’d love to check out how active this forum is, and on the way check if I’m doing a good job!
Here’s a link to my code:
And Here’s a link to the exercise:

Also I’d love to ask, who exactly is checking out our assessments? is it more experienced learners? or a group of MDN staff workers? anyway, I’m glad for being a part of this community so far!
Thanks in advance,
Uri :smiley:

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Hi there @urigamer, and welcome to the community.

Looking at your code, it looks like you’ve done really well on this one — well done!

The only small nitpick I really have is that in situations like this:

<strong>Email</strong>: <a href=""></a><br><br>
    <time datetime="2016-01-20">20 January 2016</time>

and this

Dear Eileen, <br><br>
    Thank you for your recent application to join us at the University of Awesome's science faculty to study as part of your PhD next year. I will answer your questions one by one, in the following sections.

You should use separate paragraphs, instead of using multiple <br>s to create a separation in text blocks.

But apart from that, really good!

In terms of who checks out people’s assessment submissions, it is always me :wink:

Occasionally I get help from other students, but yeah, mostly me (I work on MDN for Mozilla).

Sweet! Ok noted, new paragraphs instead of 2 <br>s in a row

Btw it’s crazy awesome you’re the guy who checks the assessments! I recognize the profile picture you have here, is the same as the GitHub profile that’s being linked in the course, so you’re probably the guy who wrote it no? :wink:

Anyway thanks man! great course so far!
I’ll see you again soon for my next needed assessment :smiley:

Yeah, I wrote pretty much everything you see in the MDN learning area, with the exception of the forms module, and some of the CSS stuff. It makes me really happy to know you are finding it useful! Please don’t be afraid to let me know if you find anything confusing, frustrating or wrong — it can always stand to be improved.