Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter //

I finished an assessment and was wondering if someone could asses it. TY

Hello @brusli

you doing great well done just few notice here :

  1. you missed this point Use appropriate document structure including doctype, and <html>, <head> and <body> elements.

  2. you need to wrap the whole address with the address element not just wrap each line with address and use br to add new line

  3. for all date data you need to wrap it with the time element inside the p element

  4. you forget the abbr element
    Mark up the following five acronyms/abbreviations in the main text of the letter β€” "PhD," "HTML," "CSS," "BC," and "Esq." β€” to provide expansions of each one.

  5. you forget this step also
    Mark up the university motto quote and citation with appropriate elements.

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Hi @justsomeone
Thank you for your feedback.
I have edited the code.
Have a nice day.

you very welcome well done

i just forget to mention that
<i>The memoirs of Bill S Preston, <abbr title='Esquire'>Esq</abbr></i>

should be <cite>The memoirs of Bill S Preston, <abbr title='Esquire'>Esq</abbr></cite>

so it’s cite not just italic sentence

check this for extra info about cite

thanks a lot and you too :slight_smile: