Assessment wanted for Math 2 skill test

please help…
I do not understand the last step of the test in order to complete the task. Please, see my code below and tell me what I am missing.


the page…

Hello @miracle_ugorji

you doing great
just a little thing you define result twice

let result = result *= result2;

also you need to write

result *= result2;

that will show you the result then you would update the code to achive that one

The value of finalNumber needs to be 10.42. Go back and update the original calculations you were provided with so that they give this final result. Don't update the numbers or the operators.

by the way when something not work as it should be use the inspector then go to console tab to see any error and also use
console.log() to see if the value is as it should be and you will see the result of the console log in the console tab also

hope that help and have a nice day

Please Oga…
I have been looking at the last instruction but I have no idea how to achieve that. Please help and tell me what to do. And by the way you are doing great too :smile:

not sure what oga mean

first update this

let result = result *= result2;

to this

result *= result2;


let finalResult = (result/444.5).toFixed(2);

oh thanks :smile:

Good morning today @justsomeone…Hope you had a good rest last night?
First, ‘Oga’ means boss. I can tell you more about it if you are interested. :smile:

Second, I changed this:

let finalResult = (result/444.5).toFixed(2);


finalResult = (result/444.5).toFixed(2);
I guess you know why. :wink:

And lastly, can you please be my teacher for today again? is it possible? Thank you, you are doing great!

Good morning @miracle_ugorji oh yep thanks for asking wish you the same

oh now i got it duckduckgo search engine where that oga come from

but i am not oga but thanks

sure i would offer any help to anyone as much as i can and hope GOD help me with that
you welcome and thanks a lot

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