Assessment wanted for Mozilla splash page - VV

Hey there!

Looking to get assessment on my project!

Live Site:


I realized how to easily change image size. Macbook already has a feature to do this :smiley: Went to Preview > Tools > Adjust Size

Hi @Vladlen_Vronsky

Amazing work. :medal_sports:

Just two little things:

  • You probably want the larger images in the fallback srcs. Otherwise they won’t look good enough on larger screens on old browsers.
  • You don’t need the second <source> in <picture>. When the viewport is to wide for the first <source> the browser will automatically use the <img>.

I hope that helps,

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Hi @mikoMK

This helped big time!

I didn’t even notice that I used the smaller image as the fallback srcs. That was a solid catch.

I just made the updates to the code :smiley:

Thanks so much for your help and assessment!

Great improvements, @Vladlen_Vronsky!
Now everything looks perfect. :+1:

Others would call it nitpicking :grin:

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