Assessment wanted for Peter G. Morales and Links 1-3 skill test

Hello all,

This is the first time I am asking for an assessment on MDN.

I want an assessment for Links 1-3 skill test.

Here is the assessment page for Links.

Here is the code for the first Links assessment.

Here is the code for the second Links assessment.

Here is the code for the third Links assessment.

I am interested in knowing what you think of my code, how I can improve, etc.

Please don’t hold back!

Thanks, in advance for your help.

I’m really enjoying learning web development through MDN.

Thanks to MDN for making all this educational content free!

I hope to hear from you soon. Be well.

Peter G. Morales

Hi @pgmorales76 and welcome to the community :wave:

I’m glad you enjoy learning on MDN. I hope your visit to this forum will be as pleasant as your experiences on MDN. :blush:

Let’s have a look at your tasks:

  • Links 1: Correct :white_check_mark:
  • Links 2: Correct :white_check_mark: When linking to a section on the same page, you can even leave the page out: <a href="#bottom"> is enough.
  • Links 3: Correct :white_check_mark:

Congratulations! You did a great job on this tasks! :medal_sports:
If you have any questions or more tasks to be assessed, feel free to post them.

Have a nice day!

Sorry I never thanked you for your feedback! So, thank you!

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