Assessment wanted for -> Selectors Skill Test

My GitHub Repo and a live example.

I created a basic navigation menu, I know it’s not the best but it works.

Any advice is always welcome :smiley: .

Hello @salvadorperezm

Nice idea with the nav menu. Simple and functional :slightly_smiling_face:

My comments:

  • Correct! :white_check_mark:
  • Correct! :white_check_mark: (The value order in border should be 1px solid grey;, but the browsers still understand your order)
  • You are missing the red line because .container doesn’t have text itself. The correct selector would be: .container p:first-child::first-line
  • Correct! :white_check_mark: (To make it even simpler you could move list-style-type: none; to the last selector and remove .list {})
  • Correct! :white_check_mark:

Great work on this tasks! :+1:

All the best,


Thank you Michael.

I’ve already updated my code, you can check it out right here.

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Great job on the improvements!

One small thing to bear in mind: ::first-line is a pseudo-element and should therefore have two colons at the start. The version with one colon is still supported by browsers but nowadays one-colon-properties are only used for pseudo-classes (e.g. :first-child, :hover, etc.)


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My mistake, I’m sorry.

The code is now fully updated.

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No reason to be sorry :smiley: We are here to learn

Now it’s perfect!

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