Assessment wanted for Silly story generator (Ilker T)

An assesment on this would be highly appreciated!

The Task - Silly Story Generator

The Source Code

well done @ilkert you doing great

nice job on doing a chain call for replacing the string content here

 newStory = newStory.replaceAll(":insertx:",xItem).replaceAll(":inserty:",yItem).replaceAll(":insertz:",zItem);

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank you @justsomeone!

Hehe yeah I really like chain calls. Even though it makes the code less-readable sometimes.

you very welcome @ilkert

i use chain call when i do not need the intermediate value and to make the code more readable

 newStory = newStory.replaceAll(":insertx:",xItem)

use new line and tab/space as above (as space and new line ignored here) if you use IDE it could align your code in that way

i use inetllij idea the early access program (cause i need java IDE also)
you can use also webstorm
the early access give 2 months free after the release date of course it pre release version
of course if you can afford to pay for it then do it and buy it

and of course then other ide but i did not used it i guess visualstudio is good choice as editor that has many plugin

well done! Maybe you can use the way as image blow:

The regex can replace all the string which you need to replace

Oh I like that much better! Thank you very much.