Assessment wanted for Strings 2 + 3 skill tests


I have just completed the Strings 2 and 3 skill tests after some Googling but I’m not entirely sure I went the right way about it. Would really appreciate an assessment of the method I used.

Strings 2 test:

Strings 3 test:

Thank you for your time!

Really happy to be here,

Hello @raresd

you doing great well done just some notice here :

  1. for string 2 you have typo in the variable name it called quoteLength not quoteLenght

  2. for string 3 this let fixedQuote = quote.slice(0,1) + justLowerCaseQuote + "."; will work in case if the first letter was already uppercase so try to change it to make it work even if the first letter was lower case

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hello @justsomeone,

Cheers so much for taking the time to review the exercises!:slight_smile:

  1. Fixed the typo, and now the number of characters and quote are being displayed in the preview as well!:stuck_out_tongue:

  2. You’re right, I did cut a corner by just slicing the first letter. I have added another line that converts the first letter to Upper Case.

have a nice day!


well done @raresd :clap:

thanks a lot and you too :slight_smile:

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