Assessment wanted for Styling basics 1 skill test

please assess:

I forked your pen and added some comments and code for you. I hope it helps!
A Pen From Judith😃

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Nice work here @church_craig, and thanks for the helpful input @jrohatiner — you’ve provided some useful tips and techniques.

This is a pretty free-form assessment, and there really isn’t a totally right or wrong answer here.

For the question about about making your labels and inputs line up nicely, I’d suggest using something a bit more modern in terms of layout techniques. Flexbox is ideal.

For the question about adding a reset, I was thinking of something like the one discussed in this section here:

Although I appreciate that this is in a different learning module, and I should probably reference it more explcitly from the styling forms content in the forms module :wink:

You can see the CSS I used in our “official” answer here:

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