Assessment wanted for "Test your skills: HTML text basics" (Tasks 1-3)

Assessment wanted for “Test your skills: HTML text basics” (Tasks 1-3)

Skill test: Test your skills: HTML text basics
My implementation: CodePen


  • Thank you very much :sparkling_heart:
  • I have completed the tasks and feel good about the result. I want to know if there are points for improvement.
  • I have included in my implementation the instructions, the provided source code and my modifications in separate groups.
  • Sorry if I sound strange, English is my second language. And I am still acquiring it.

Hi @AR2F and welcome to the community :wave:

Congratulations on you first tasks!
I like how you went the extra mile to make things really looking great. It seems you already know about some CSS stuff, too. :grin:

I can’t spot any mistakes and I’m eagerly awaiting more of your work.

No worries. Most of the people here aren’t native speakers (me included). As long as we understand each other, everything is fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day,

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