Assessment wanted for The Box Model Skill Test-Task1,2 & 3

Hi all!

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Here is a task of the Box Model Skill Test for assessment.
The assessment link is:

My Glitch Links are:

Looking for your comments and suggestions.

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Hi @sarshas356

These are all good. You asked what else you could have done:

Task 1

  1. You could use the inline-size property to set the width instead of width (either is correct though). Read more on MDN.

Task 2

  1. You can use the margin shorthand to set all the margins at one.

  2. As before, you could also use the following:

    margin-block-start: 20px;
    margin-inline-end: 1em;
    margin-block-end: 40px;
    margin-inline-start: 2em;

Well done. Keep on progressing.

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Thanks for assessment.

In the Task 2, you write “margin-block-start”, “margin-inline-end”, etc.
This is more advance. I don’t know about this as i didn’t study this yet.

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face: