Assessment wanted for the cascade skill test 1 and 2

Hello, I would like an assessment for Cascade 1 and 2 skill test. Here are my solutions: Cascasde 1 and Cascade 2. Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @TheRealSuperhuman and welcome back :wave:

Well done! Your CSS works as expected. :+1:

Two things:

  • Task 1: What could you do if you weren’t allowed to use !important?
  • Task 2: Since we have three named layers, I would still use all three names in the first line. Just put purple at the end to correct the order.


I rewrote the selector in task 1 to #outer #inner li a with normal declarations and it also works in task 1. I also declared the three named layers in the first line in task 2.

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Perfect improvements! :+1:
That was exactly what I meant.