Assessment wanted for the Image Gallery JS challenge!

Hello there,

Here’s my Image Gallery on JSFiddle:
Here’s the GH link for necessary files for faster accessibility:
Link to the challenge:

The code is working for me. I tried not to peek into the ‘steps to complete’ as much as possible, so there might be some differences.

I’d appreciate the review and perhaps some enhancement on the code.
Best regards and great job on creating the course :slight_smile:

Hi @Michal_N! Welcome to our community, and thanks for sending in your code.

I have tested it, and it works perfectly — well done.

The only small comment I had was about the dark/light button — It starts off with text of “Darken”, but when toggled back and forth the label is updated to “Darken!”. It would be nice if this was consistent.

Only a small thing however — nice work here!

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