Assessment wanted for -> Writing Modes skill test

Here’s my code and a live example.

Any advice is always welcome :smiley:

Great job!

My comments:

  • Task 1: The task says “with right to left text”. So technically it should be vertical-rl. You won’t see a difference because we only have one line of text.
  • Task 2: Your properties are correct, but you can directly replace width and height in .box. *
  • Task 3: Same as task 2. Correct properties, but should go in .box. *

* The reason for these newer logical properties is so we can write code once that works with all writing modes. No need for specific CSS for every writing mode. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that helps.


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Thank you Michael!

I’ve updated my code, you can check it out right here. :smiley:

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Now it’s perfect! Well done, @salvadorperezm :medal_sports:

Have a nice day,

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