Hi community. Have this problem with authenticator(extension). Just white screen, but was more than 50+ codes :confused:
Any advices?

The description says:

  • Backup your secrets to a file, Google Drive, or Dropbox
  • Sync your secrets with your Firefox Account

So maybe there is a backup in your drive/dropbox?
And if you are logged in your Firefox Sync. Account, it may be backed up there - try to install new Firefox (for example ESR) and login to your FIrefox account and wait for extensions and and sync. data to synchronize.

Other than that, it’s best to contact the author and ask for the help.
And sometimes restarting PC helps. Just don’t reinstall it!

He already did.

No mate, I didn’t it.

I made Sync, but on another device same situation.
Will try to install esr.
Already wrote in github to author, waiting for respond.
Thanks for advice!