Auto-apply css classes when selecting them

Due to work related circumstances, I need to move from Chrome to Firefox. But there’s one thing that’s driving me nuts.

How do I make Firefox apply css classes only when selecting them?

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On Chrome if you do the same thing, it applies the css class without hitting enter.
On Firefox I need to select it, hit enter, unckeck if it’s not ok and try again…

It’s very useful when searching for the appropriate bg-*, margin/padding-* or other tweaks like this.

I found this topic: CSS class autocompletion but it’s only for CSS autocomplete, not autocomplete and autoapply.

@zbraniecki thank you for the suggestion :wave:

LE: this topic is a follow-up of this reddit post



That’s being worked on at

It’s a quite difficult part of the codebase, but thankfully a brave contributor who already added a preview of the class “as you type” is currently writing a patch to add this feature. Feel free to follow the progress on Bugzilla. I don’t think this will make it in time for 96, but 97 should be ok.

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When is this coming? Its 2024 and its still missing

This was added in Firefox 101: the selected element in the autocomplete is added into the selected node classList.
Isn’t it working for you? Can you describe what you’d expect from it?