Autocomplete drastically slower in Thunderbird 64b4 vs 60

(Jonathan Cutting) #1

I have around 10,000 contacts in my Thunderbird address book, which I admit is a lot.

However, in Thunderbird 60 the autocomplete on the compose window was still very fast.

Now it hangs for 2 to 3 seconds searching for options.

Is this a regression? In a much earlier version of Thunderbird (circa v.5 IIRC) there was a similar issue created by an ‘optimization’ to the way the filter worked.

(Vseerror) #2

Yes, there is a recent recgression. Fixed in version 60.4.0. And patch for beta 65 landed but 65 is not quite released - until then you can find it at

So you should find that beta 65 is better.

(Vseerror) #3

@jonathan_cutting version 65 solved it for you?