Autofill annoyance

Firefox v89.0

When I visit Amazon, the search bar is always auto-filled with a particular phrase (“Applied Network Security Monitoring”), a search I requested 10 years ago. It is specific to Firefox, and specific to my preferred account.

Recent changes at Amazon now cause the whole screen to gray when that term is added to the search bar.

I have searched through the prefs files, and any other files that looked likely, for that phrase; no success.

Where would I look for the rule that adds the search phrase to Amazon’s site? And expunge it?

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you can be suprised, but… Its applied to ALL browsers :slight_smile: All you have to do is clean all data browser including pass and logins
If you do not wanna store all this digital info right in your browser, you can use any web scraping service which fits you the best, but… to be honest, I dont think it will be more comfortable.

Well…, no. It is specific to Firefox AND my profile, only. I am not keen on creating and building a new profile.

There are no entries in the “Forms and Autofill” section, and both options are unchecked.

The autofill is happening anyway regardless of settings, which is why I am requesting assistance here.

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