AuTyper - Open Source Front End for DeepSpeech

Hello All,

I got for XMas a mobile voice recorder and I was disappointed to see that most VTT use online engines and or are not very practical to use. That motivates me to find alternatives; I ended up using DeepSpeech as the foundation for my UI front-end.

AuTyper was designed for humans. Just a simple installer and a friendly setup for selecting the desired model. In the near future I will be even easier as the user will select the language and AuTyper will fech the proper model files.

The follow video shows the basics:

Project webpage:

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How did I missed this? This looks nice. Assuming you’re Canadian, if you speak French, it’d be nice to have feedback on the french model behavior with your tooling:

BTW… video demo moved to:

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Thanks, I do not speak French, but thanks for sharing the link.