Avast stops supporting Security & Privacy add-on

Hey, Avast stops support Online Security & Privacy add on extention for Mozilla Firefox. What now? Has Modzilla Firefox a sollution for this verry important security issue?

Hey @marconetti22. Welcome to the Mozilla Add-ons discourse.

I appreciate your concern. Ultimately it is a developer’s choice whether or not they want to make their extensions available to Firefox users. The good news, though, is that there are a variety of security-focused extensions available on addons.mozilla.org. If having a Firefox extension is important to you (it is to me!), you may want to consider another antivirus provider.

I’m not an antivirus expert, but it appears that of the “best antivirus” options recommended by safetydetectives.com, Avira, Norton, BitDefender, and McAfee offer Firefox extensions.