"Awaiting Review" since 5 months


my (simple) addon is awaiting review since 5 months and moved the queue very slowly (from position 20 to position 9). I understand that Thunderbird is free software, so I am only writing now.

This long review process is very discouraging for first-time addon developers. Looking at this forum, this seems to be a common problem. Displaying the position in the queue should mean that they are also processed in that order and not only when someone in the forum draws attention to the long waiting time. Or is the queue broken and “forgetting” addons?

This is the link to the addon: https://addons.thunderbird.net/de/thunderbird/addon/disable-signature/

You are very patient!
I suggest you ask here:
(Others have had similar problems, as you can see.)

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It wasn’t that much patience, but that I simply forgot it after the first few weeks when there was no progress…

Thanks for the advice, I have attached my question to an existing thread there.