AWS Sweep

(Tom Farrow) #1

I’m doing a quick sweep of our AWS usage to make sure we’re using everything that’s there

Would be helpful to get some more info on a few things

I’ve killed a few instances, we now have 12 instances instead of 19. A bunch of old WPaaS stuff didn’t need to be there, can rebuild if we need it, but for now it can die.

@yousef: do we need this? It's a t2.medium, so not exactly cheap, and it's been running for a few months. Not entirely sure what it's for though is clearly down now. Do we need the instance running? Can we stop it? It's a cheap system but we may as well stop it if we don't need it. Stopping would mean we can start it to retrieve data if needed

We’re only using 3 S3 buckets which is awesome, woo.


Yes, we can stop, @jamesboston grabbed the user data we need to figure out who to contact.