Backend development help needed

Hi everyone

I wanted to learn more about the Backend Development but I feel kind of stuck and I am unable to grasp all by looking up the tutorials and all.

Could someone please suggest me how may I learn about the Backend basics so that new phrases and terms won’t confuse me.

Please help.

Hello @ashutosh887

this is the server side programing course offered

but you need to know html and css and js to go for those tutorials

and this for some client side framework but it just intro so to dive more it better to look for the official doc for the framework you choose

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the resources…

Should I follow tutorials or course too or these MDN Documentations are enough.
Please tell.
I wanted to proceed with NODEJs

you very welcome

first i did not take any of those courses but my humble opinion that when i want to learn something i learn it from it’s official source if possible

so start here

and once you ready to go for the nodej go for one of those based on your needs (i guess would be better in your case)

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind, I’ll join your conversation, @justsomeone, so you tried this tactics of learning, but if I understood you correctly, you didn’t learn backend technology?

Hello @DenisM

sure you can and anything help would be much appreciated and it will help me to learn more also and correct myself if i were wrong

i did not learn nodejs but i use different technology for backend i use java tech

if you have experience in nodeJS please share the best resource to help him

and thanks for joining and have a nice day :slight_smile: