Background is black

I changed the background in Firefox to black because I couldn’t see the normal shutdown options after the change yesterday. Now I can’t see anything and I can’t change it.
What can I do? Everything is black when I use the browser.

Let me help you!

  1. open about:preferences
  2. use the search on the top to look for “colors”
  3. from the results click the bottom right button - that will show you your background color dialog:


I know the place. Thank you.

Everything is black, so I see nothing from this picture on my screen.

So changing the color back didn’t help?
You can also use Firefox Reset to fix it - but it will remove also all addons, so make sure you have a backup of addons data if you have any data stored in the addons.
You start the reset from “about:support” page.
More info here (I’m not sure you will see anything there though):


I can’t see where I can change the color back, because everything is black.

I stop with Firefox.

I don’t like it al all that my account is blocked, because I special for this issue I had this account.

When I use Firefox as browser, on every page I see nothing only a black page.

Hi @Irisjoy, you might want to try to re-install Firefox or refresh your Firefox to reset it back to its default state. Instructions are available at


With re-install, do I retain the bookmarks?