Bad bugs - firefox 89.0

There are two bugs in Firefox 89.0 64-bit that are really annoying:

First, I cannot use “FIND” (ctrl-F). 80% of the time I cannot search webpages for text via ctrl-F. This is a new problem that first appeared with Firefox about 4 months ago. I don’t know whom this effects, but it affects me really bad and I had to install chrome as a backup to spawn every time I need to search a big page.

Second, every since you upgraded to “89.0” (past 2-3 weeks?) I cannot delete the “seperators” between bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar. In order to delete a user generated “separator,” you now need to now need to spawn “MANAGE BOOKMARKS” (sidebar) to delete seperators. This problem effects everyone using Firefox.

A non-bug that is a real problem for me is that Firefox Android’s bookmark system is handicapped. You cannot change the order of bookmarks and it’s otherwise just terrible. As a result, I have to use Opera on Android. I would really like to install Firefox Android but I can’t organize my hundreds of bookmarks AT ALL on android. Pls do something about that.



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I’m sorry are having problems. I haven’t seen the problem with control-F, it works for me.

For the control-F problem and for the bookmarks separator problem have you tried Troubleshooting Mode or a new profile to see if that helps? If they are still present you should file bug reports on Bugzilla.

The Fenix issue would be reported on GitHub.
It would be useful to search to see if there are related issues to add your comments to or just follow.