Baffling tab navigation behaviour in recent versions

This may be entirely the wrong venue for the following post, and if so I apologise. Perhaps if you interpret that post as an account of a certain reduction in usability then it might be considered appropriate. …

Over the last year or two it seems that Firefox’s tab open/close behaviour has changed utterly, and it’s driving me crazy. I’ve tried to find answers and I can’t. It surprises me that other users aren’t as confounded as I am. Please help.

There are two things that are really bothering me.

  1. If I am on a given tab (which I’ll call tab #0) and I hold ctrl and click on ten links, thereby opening a sequence of ten new tabs to the right of the current tab (which are not immediately switched to, according to my settings), then I ctrl+tab five times to reach new tab #5, then I ctrl+w to close new tab #5, the default behaviour used to be to switch to either new tab #4 or new tab #6. (I confess I never knew how it was decided which to switch to.) Now when I do this and close new tab #5, the default behaviour is to jump back to tab #0. The only workaround I have found is, when ctrl+tabbing to move to new tab #5, to overshoot and ctrl+tab as far as new tab #6 and then ctrl+shft+tab back one tab. This ensures that when I ctrl+w new tab #5 I switch to new tab #6. (I am aware of the “Ctrl+Tab cycles through tabs in recently used order” option and I have it unchecked. When I check it, as an experiment, all hell breaks loose: ctrl+tab opens a great semi-transparent overlay in the vein of alt+tab, and ctrl+shft+tab opens the dropdown tab menu to the right of the last tab.) I want to revert to what was, I am certain, the default behaviour for at least ten years. In essence I suppose I just want to switch to an adjacent tab when closing the current one.

  2. If in the above scenario, after opening the ten new tabs, I ctrl+click on another link, it naturally opens that link in a new tab that is positioned at the far right of the sequence of tabs, to the right of new tab #10. However, if I first ctrl+tab once to view new tab #1, thereby “leaving” tab #0, and then ctrl+shft+tab to return to tab #0, when I then ctrl+click on another link, the default behaviour used to be to open that link in a new tab (which I’ll call new tab A) that was positioned between tab #0 and new tab #1. The fact that I had left and returned to tab #0 ensured that the original tab-opening process was abandoned and a new process was begun. If I then ctrl+clicked on another link, that link was opened in a new tab between new tab A and new tab #1. Now I find that even if I leave and return to tab #0 before ctrl+clicking on the eleventh link, that link is still opened in a tab at the far right of the sequence of tabs, as if it is simply new tab #11, as if I hadn’t left tab #0. The sole decisive factor in the positioning of a new tab is which tab it was opened from, and all tabs opened from a given tab are sequenced in the order in which they were opened. Again, I want to revert to what was, I am certain, the default behaviour. I want a new tab to be opened to the immediate right of the current tab if I have taken focus away from the current tab since the last time I opened a new tab from it.

If anyone can help me with these issues I would very much appreciate it.

On an unrelated and rather more serious matter, having signed up today in order to post, I just discovered to my horror that your email address (supposedly “Never shown to the public”) is by default used as your “full name (optional)”, which is very much visible, prominent, and presented in bold type. What the hell?!

For the tab issues, have you tried Troubleshooting Mode or a new profile to see what the behavior is in those situations?
(Create a new profile for testing, but keep your old profile for regular use.)

For the public information matter, could you provide a link that shows your e-mail address to the public and not just to you?