Base64 HTML Image Encoder For Thunderbird?

In order to send HTML emails with Thunderbird I build them in an external tool, and copy and paste my code into the “Insert HTML” dialogue box. I’m looking for a plugin that is able to look for external links in my img elements’ src attributes in my HTML and replace them with base64 encoded strings.

Any advice is much appreciated.

As far as addons I am unaware of any that exist for Thunderbird. seeing as you are doing this with an external tool why not use something like python?

Get all images from a html file

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BeautifulSoup - modifying all links in a piece of HTML

Can you explain to me what replacing the links with base64 encoded strings accomplishes?

Many email clients and web-mail services block external content so replacing the img element’s src urls with base64 strings allows the images to load because they are no longer remote content.

@dugite-code Thanks for the links. I may actually resort to writing a script of my own to do it, I was just hoping someone had already done that work for me. :wink:

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