Battery Remaining Percentage

Please share your experiences if you enable this?

The newly released ZigBee adapter version 0.14.0 has an experimental configuration option to show the ‘Battery Remaining Percentage’ property in the thing for battery powered devices. This is considered experimental until there are more live results and feedback.

If you are interested, then go to

  • Settings
    • Add-ons
      • Zigbee
        • Configure

Read the description under ‘Show Battery Percentage’ and tick the box under the description.

Note that the new property may initially show up as 0% for a day or two until the device gets around to sending an update to the Gateway.

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Nice work! Shows up for my IKEA and SmartThings devices. I don’t really know yet if it’s accurate since I just enabled it, but I’ll try to check every so often. Handy info! The Xiaomi zigbee devices that I have (motion, button, temp, and door sensor) do not show battery remaining percent. Probably just their implementation.

In the latest Zigbee adapter, this is now unconditionally enabled. This depends, of course, on the physical device and its firmware providing this attribute.