Beta 3: debugging of addon not working?

Both for a converted xul and bootstrap addon (which are working after conversion), addons -> debug leads to a page where the debugger-sources tree says: Seite enthält keine Quellen (page contains no sources?). (using extra-> developer tools->dbug addon)

Using the developer toolbox, I get a list of js pages in the debugger but didn’t find mine. There are two moz-extensions, but they are not mine.

All that never was a problem in TB60. Any help is appreciated.


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This was resolved, right?
Can you post the solution?

no, it is not.

I just tested on the TB68 32 bit version you (or Jörg?) crosslinked in planning some days ago.

If I go to debug addons, locate my addon and press debug there, I still get into the debugging environent but still have empty pages and no code.

The addon itself is working, I used it yesterday to check something about the operation in TB 68.


You should open the debugger from Tools / Dev Tools / Debug add-ons
Then in the debugger window, select the frame with the URI messenger.xul (for instance) with the button on the upper-right corner. You should see your files in the Debug tab under chrome://content

thank you. it very well for me !